Wigs vs Sew-Ins

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Ladies, welcome to shopwiglife.com, where we cater to your needs for luxury ready-to-wear wigs on a budget! In this article, we want to break down the benefits of wearing wigs over sew-ins! Honestly, a few years ago, who would have thought we would be having this discussion with you, but wigs have become so popular that we want to show you why we love them so much! One of the main benefits of wigs is that they last much longer than sew-ins. Your average wig will last up to 2 years in comparison to a sew-in, which last's 6-8 weeks. This makes wigs a more cost-effective styling option because they don't need to be replaced often. We find wigs so convenient, especially when you've built up a small collection - you have the freedom to switch up your look throughout the week!

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